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Skipjack make up approximately 40% of the world's total tuna catch and have come to replace yellowfin as the dominant commercial species of tuna. Catches of skipjack were reported to FAO by 94 countries for 1991-2000, 1,5842,191 thousand tons (1,437-1,988 thousand metric tons) per year. The highest catches reported for 2000 were by Japan, 376 thousand tons (341 thousand metric tons), and Indonesia, 298 thousand tons (270 thousand metric tons). Skipjack are taken at the surface, mostly with purse seines and pole-and-line gear, occasionally with long lines. They are marketed fresh, frozen, and canned (as light-meat tuna). They are also a game fish, the all-tackle gamefish record is a 45-lb (20.5-kg) fish caught on Flathead Bank, Baja California. ♦

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