Barbourisia rufa Parr, 1945, Gulf of Mexico. OTHER COMMON NAMES

English: Velvet whalefish; Japanese: Aka-kujira-uo-damashi. PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS

Length about 15.8 in (40 cm). Unusual, with very large mouth (maxillae extend posteriorly well beyond level of eyes); teeth present on entire length of jaws; single dorsal fin located far posteriorly on back, close to caudal fin, with 20-23 rays; anal fin terminating at same level of dorsal fin, with 14-18 rays; pelvics (with 6 rays) and pectorals (with 12-14 rays) very small; skin covered in minute protuberances (velvety to the touch); lateral line very clearly demarcated by large-pored scales; coloration a uniform bright red.

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