Umbra spp., 4:379, 4:380 Umbra krameri. See European mudminnows Umbra limi. See Central mudminnows Umbra pygmaea, 5:91

Umbrella mouth gulpers. See Pelican eels Unicorn cods. See Bregmacerotidae Unicornfishes, 4:67-68, 4:447, 4:453 United States Fish and Wildlife Service Alabama cavefishes, 5:10 Atheriniformes, 5:71 Ozark cavefishes, 5:8 snakeheads, 5:439 United States National Marine Fisheries

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See also Physical characteristics Upside-down catfishes, 4:352 Uranoscopidae. See Stargazers Uranoscopus bicinctus. See Marbled stargazers Urchin clingfishes, 5:355, 5:356, 5:358, 5:361, 5:363

Urobatis jamaicensis. See Yellow stingrays Urolophidae. See Round rays Urophycis spp., 5:28 Urophycis blennoides, 5:25 Urophycis chuss. See Red hakes Urophycis tenuis. See White hakes U. S. Endangered Species Act. See

Endangered Species Act (U.S.) U. S. Fish and Wildlife Services. See United

States Fish and Wildlife Service U. S. National Marine Fisheries Service. See United States National Marine Fisheries Service Uyeno, T., 5:179

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