Xenentodon cancila. See Silver needlefishes Xenisthmidae, 5:373, 5:374 Xenocyprinae, 4:297 Xenocypris spp., 4:299-300 Xenocypris microlepis. See Smallscale yellowfins Xenolepidichthys dalgleishi. See Tinselfishes Xenomedea spp., 5:343 Xenomystinae, 4:232 Xenomystus spp., 4:232 Xenomystus nigri, 4:232, 4:233 Xenophthalmichthys spp., 4:392 Xenopoecilus spp., 5:80

Xenopoecilus oophorus, 5:81 Xenopoecilus poptae, 5:81 Xenopoecilus sarasinorum, 5:81 Xenotoca eiseni. See Redtail splitfins Xenurobrycon polyancistrus. See Bolivian pygmy blue characins Xiphasia spp., 5:341 Xiphasia setifer. See Hairtail blennies Xiphias gladius. See Swordfishes Xiphiidae. See Swordfishes Xiphister atropurpureus. See Black pricklebacks Xiphophorus hellerii. See Green swordtails Xiphophorus hellerii ssp. hellerii. See Green swordtails Xiphophorus maculatus. See Blue platys Xyrichtys virens, 5:298

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