Dietary toxins

Case-control studies suggest that dietary V-nitroso compounds (Dahlquist et al. 1990) and nitrite (Dahlquist et al. 1990; Virtanen et al. 1994b) increase the risk of type 1 diabetes in children. Also mother's intake of nitrite at the time of pregnancy was positively related to the risk of type 1 diabetes in children independently of child's nitrite intake (Virtanen et al. 1994b). Nitrate is a naturally occurring compound in vegetables. Nitrate and nitrite are both used as food additives in the processing of meat products. In food and the human gastrointestinal tract nitrate is reduced to nitrite by bacteria, and V-nitroso compounds are formed from nitrite in the chemical or bacterial nitrosation reaction with amino compounds (Slorach 1981). Vitamin C and alpha-tocopherol inhibit and thiocyanate ions accelerate the formation of V-nitroso compounds (Leaf et al. 1989).

Recently Bafilomycin A1, a toxin produced by Streptomyces species in soil, was shown to induce glucose intolerance and reduction in pancreatic islet size in mice (Myers et al. 2001). Streptomyces species can infest tuberous vegetables such as potatoes and beet.

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