Increased height and weight gain

Birth height and weight of children who later developed type 1 diabetes have been similar to the controls in most of the studies (Virtanen & Knip 2003), although in some studies cases have been longer and weighted more than controls at the time of birth (e.g. Dahlquist et al. 1999). In the only cohort study available, higher birth weight was related to an increased risk of type 1 diabetes (Stene et al. 2001). Increased height gain during childhood seems to be related to greater risk of type 1 diabetes (e.g. Blom et al. 1992; Price et al. 1992). Higher weight gain in infancy is consistently related to greater risk of type 1 diabetes according to case-control evidence (e.g. Baum et al. 1975; Hypponen et al. 1999), whereas the findings on the role of weight gain after infancy are inconsistent (e.g. Blom et al. 1992; Hypponen et al. 2000). Clearly results from cohort studies are awaited to settle the putative importance of height and weight gain in the development of this disease.

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