Fungal clearance

In vivo mouse


Montagnoli et al. (2003)

predominated by the yeast form and that CHC is dominated by an invasive hyphal form of Candida, it might be expected that this would be reflected in serum antibodies against yeast or hyphal-specific antigens. This remains an area to be further studied but it has been reported that serum antibodies to whole cells were higher in CAC than in the CHC group (Lehner, 1970). This would bear repeating.

Antibody responses have been reported against a variety of Candida antigens ranging from 18 to 120 kDa and including Saps, phospholipases, and heat shock proteins. There was considerable interest in an antigen of molecular weight of 47 kDa because antibodies against this antigen had seemed to be predictive of recovery from systemic C. albicans infection (Matthews et al., 1987). However, this does not seem to be a major antigen in most murine models of mucosal candidiasis.

It is possible for serum antibodies to have a role against mucosal candidiasis in the oral cavity. There is evidence for direct transudation of serum IgG into saliva and this is markedly increased in CAC. In addition, crevicular fluid antibodies derived more directly from serum constitute 1 to 2 ml to the 5-700 ml of saliva per day.

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