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Chapter 16 Mechanical Aspects of Cardiac Performance jpeg 1 Monitor display of electrocardiogram, blood pressures, and SvO2.

jpeg 2 Cannulation of a peripheral artery.

jpeg 3 Cannulation of a peripheral artery.

jpeg 4 Pressure transducer for monitoring blood pressures.

jpeg 5 Central venous access kit.

jpeg 6 Cannulation of right internal jugular vein.

jpeg 7 Pulmonary artery catheter.

jpeg 8 Inflated balloon at the distal tip of pulmonary artery catheter.

jpeg 9. Pulmonary artery catheter for continuous monitoring of cardiac output and mixed venous saturation.

jpeg 10 Millar catheter.

jpeg 11 Sensors on a Millar catheter.

Chapter 23 Pacing and Defibrillation Section 2.2.


Section 2.4.

AT.mpg AF.mpg VT.mpg VF.mpg

Section 3.

styletNew.mpg xray1.jpg xray2.jpg xray3.jpg xray4.jpg xray5.jpg xray6.jpg

Section 4.8.


Section 5.10.

fluoro.avi styletNew.mpg 5076huma.mpg AApendFL.mpg rva4074.mpg 5076humv.mpg RV Apex.mpg 6944DEF1.mpg 6932humf.mpg Fig. 11 connectorPlugIn.mpg Fig. 33 energyVectorDual.mpg

Chapter 28 Less-Invasive Cardiac Surgery Fig. 1 Fig. 3 Fig. 5

The Visible Heart®


1. Heart Anatomy

1.1. Comparative Anatomy

1.2. Topographic Anatomy

1.3. Surface Anatomy

1.4. Coronary Anatomy

1.5. Four Chambers

1.6. Valves

1.7 Pressures and Flows 1.8. Conduction System

2. Diseases and Treatments

2.1. Coronary Artery Disease

2.2. Valvular Disease

2.3. Cardiomyopathies and Heart Failure

2.4. Congenital Defects

2.5. Pericardial Pathology

2.6. Post-Surgical Heart

2.7. Bradyarrhythmias

2.8. Tachyarrhythmias

3. Device Choices and Intervention Sites

3.1. Traditional Sites

3.2. Emerging Sites

3.3. Pacing Lead Systems

3.4. Defibrillation Lead Systems

3.5. Mapping and Ablation

3.6. Other Devices

4. Visible Heart Lab

4.1. Apparatus

4.2. References

The Visible Heart®, a CD accompanying Handbook of Cardiac Anatomy, Physiology, and Devices, is designed to be a self-contained electronic textbook, developed via a collaboration between the university of Minnesota Medical School and Medtronic, Inc. It utilizes Visible Heart® technologies, a significant advancement in the modeling of the isolated heart that allows display of full-motion images captured from inside the endocardium of the functioning large mammalian heart.

With the support of LifeSource, The Visible Heart® presents images obtained from human hearts donated by generous individuals, whose final acts continue to enhance our understanding of the inner workings of the human heart and to contribute to lifesaving advances in cardiac medicine.

All images and videos on The Visible Heart® were captured in the laboratory of Dr. Iaizzo, utilizing the Visible Heart® technologies that are subject to pending US Patent Application No. 09/419,271 filed October 15, 1999 and PCT Application No. US99/24791, filed October 22, 1999 by the University of Minnesota and Medtronic, Inc.


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