In preparing to embark on a preclinical study of a new cardiovascular device, procedure, drug, or therapy, it is important to select the animal model carefully. This can be done in consultation with your institutional animal care and use committee or by collaboration with a principal investigator. Proper selection of the animal model in the protocol development will allow justification for animal use and maximize the chances for a successful research outcome. New cardiovascular technologies will continue to be introduced in an environment of increasingly tighter regulations for human safety. Correspondingly, the animal model will continue to be important for testing these new therapies before they are applied in clinical studies.

Consultation with experienced centers of experimental research is recommended for additional assistance in preparing research protocols and completing the research necessary in preclinical studies. The Experimental Surgical Services Department at the University of Minnesota provides such a service and is widely used for assessment of techniques and devices in the medical industry.


Application of the isolated heart model.

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