Innate Immunity

We have shown that innate immune mechanisms provide the most potent defence of the mucosal barrier against UTI, and have identified neutrophils as important local effectors of the mucosal defence36. The work was based on earlier observation in C3H/HeJ (Ipsd, Ipsd) mice that lack the neutrophil response to UTI, and fail to clear bacteria from the tissues47,48. More recently, studies directly addressing the role of neutrophils have been performed.

Peripheral neutrophil depletion in C3H/HeN mice was achieved by pretreatment with the granulocyte specific antibody RB6-8C5. As a consequence, bacterial clearance from kidneys and bladders was drastically impaired49. Antibody treatment ofC3H/HeJ mice had only a marginal effect. The results demonstrate that neutrophils are essential for bacterial clearance from the urinary tract, and that the neutrophil recruitment deficiency in C3H/HeJ mice explains their susceptibility to Gram negative mucosal infection.

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