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Aromatase Overexpression Results in Gynecomastia and Leydig Tumors in Male Transgenic Mice

Overexpression of ARO in male transgenic mice results in increased MG epithelial growth as early as 3 mo of age with well-organized ductal structures and lobulo-alveolar growth. We did not observe further progression of hyperplastic and dysplastic changes in the ARO transgenic mice with age (31). In addition, our data demonstrated that the Overexpression of ARO plays a significant role in the formation of Leydig cell tumors, and that these cells are targets for estrogenic action and are involved in E-mediated tumorigenesis (32). The presence of ERs in human testicular Leydig cell tumors indicate that these cells are the source of E in both rodents and human testis (33-36). Our studies show that the level of ER expression and ARO are higher in the testicular tissue of these mice compared to that of non-transgenic mice, and that the serum E2 levels are significantly higher in transgenic mice vs non-transgenic littermates. Therefore, we suggest that an enhanced ER phenotype of Leydig...

Formation of 5Androstene317Diol and Testosterone

Deficiency of 17fi-HSD type 3 causes a form of male pseudohermaphroditism referred to as 17fi-HSD deficiency,53 in which there is a deficiency in the biosynthesis of testosterone from androstenedione. The deficiency is confined to individuals with a 46 XY karyotype these individuals have testes, wolffian duct-derived male internal genitalia (with the exception of a prostate), female external genitalia, and gynecomastia.54,55

Presentation with Systemic Symptoms

In a few cases, GCT of the testis can present with systemic symptoms secondary to endocrine effects of the primary tumor itself. Gynecomastia (Figure 5-9) is a presenting feature in up to 5 of men with testicular tumors, due to an imbalance resulting from a relative deficiency of androgenic suppression and the predominance of estrogenic stimulation of the growth of breast tissue. This can be mediated by an increase in gonadotropin level, particularly that of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), and an increase in estradiol levels. Another factor is the low level of androgens produced by some men with tes-ticular atrophy, particularly those with a history of bilateral cryptorchidism. Interstitial cell testicular tumors such as Leydig cell and Sertoli cell tumors can manufacture hormones and raise estradiol levels, leading to gynecomastia.

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin

Luteinizing hormone (LH), follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), and thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH). The P subunit is biologically active and structurally and antigenically distinct, allowing for the production of specific antibodies used in immunoassays.9 However, at times, these antibodies may cross-react with the P subunit of LH, which is 70 homologous to that of hCG. In addition, hCG, at high levels, may clinically mimic these pituitary hormones. Hyperthyroidism has been reported,10 and the 5 of GCT patients who develop gynecomastia are believed to do so secondary to a testosterone estrogen imbalance caused by the effect of hCG on the Leydig's cells.

Concluding Remarks

Studies summarized herein demonstrate that overexpression of ARO leads to in increased tissue estrogenic activity, induction of MG hyperplastic and dysplastic lesions, gynecomastia, and testicular cancer in male ARO transgenic mice. The preneoplastic lesions induced due to increased tissue estrogenic activity are susceptible to carcinogens. The ARO overexpression-induced MG changes were inhibited with very low letrazole doses, an ARO inhibitor without any effect on normal physiology. The potential clinical importance of this intracrine growth support may provide future clinical and laboratory investigations.

Presentation Of Testicular Cancer

Orchialgia who is completely normal on examination should probably have at least one follow-up examination in 3 to 6 months to ensure that a small tumor was not missed. Because these cancers grow rapidly, there is little concern in regard to diagnosing subclinical tumors. Finally, a small percentage of patients present with symptoms of metastatic disease, such as a neck mass, back pain, hemoptysis, or gynecomastia. These patients may be unaware of the abnormality in the testis. Unless the physician considers testicular cancer in the differential diagnosis of these symptoms, the appropriate treatment may be unnecessarily delayed.

The Androgen Receptor Gene

The AR is a member ofthe superfamily of steroid receptors and like most receptors in this family has a DNA binding domain, a hormone binding domain and a transcription modulatory domain which for the AR is completely encoded by the large exon 1 of the AR gene (15). The AR gene maps to the long arm of the X chromosome (15). Within exon 1 are two highly polymorphic tri-nucleotide repeats a (CAG)n and a (GGC)n . We became interested initially in the CAG repeat with the recognition that an expansion of that repeat from the normal size range of approximately 8-33 to 36 or greater, was the cause of an uncommon adult onset motor neuron disease, spinal and bulbar muscular atrophy, or Kennedy's disease (16). Men with Kennedy's disease have evidence of hypoandrogenization, including gynecomastia, low sperm counts, and sub-fertility (17). In-vitro studies have demonstrated that ARs with an expanded glutamine tract encoded by this repeat, bind androgens normally but transactivate androgen...

Associations with Other Diseases

Klinefelter's syndrome (KS) is a genetic disorder of men that is characterized clinically by gynecomastia, testicular atrophy, and increased levels of follicle-stimulating hormone40 and is characterized genetically by the 47,XXY karyotype. An association between MNSGCT and KS exists. At Indiana University, 22 consecutive MNSGCT patients had chromosome studies performed on blood or a bone mar


Administration of therapeutic estrogen to postpu-bertal men results in a marked reduction in serum T by inhibiting LH production in the anterior pi-tuitary.55,56 Also, estrogens may have direct cytotoxic effects on prostate cancer cells in vitro. The efficacy of estrogen therapy, usually given as oral diethylstilbestrol, is limited by its side effects, such as painful gynecomastia and increased propensity for venous thromboembolic, cardiovascular, and cerebrovascular disease.14,43,57,58


Ketoconazole is an imidazole antifungal agent that inhibits both testicular and adrenal androgen production.142,143 It produces a rapid fall in serum T to castrate levels144,145 and a marked fall in androstenedione and DHEA sulfate con-centrations.146 Optimal suppression of adrenal androgens occurs at a dose of 400 milligrams three times daily, but a difference in cancer response between this dose level and 200 milligrams three times per day has not been demon-strated.147 Ketoconazole in patients who have progressed despite previous castration or CAB has been reported to induce a response rate of more than 50 .148,149 However, it can be accompanied by significant side effects, commonly including nausea and abdominal bloating, fatigue, liver function abnormalities, skin changes, and gynecomastia.147,150 Gastrointestinal side effects are a common cause of cessation of therapy and noncompliance.151 Rarer but more serious side effects include adrenal crisis and acute confusional...