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Haemorrhoids, or piles, are a common complaint which patients tend to use as a 'catch-all' diagnosis to encompass a variety of anal conditions. To the colorectal surgeon, haemorrhoids refer to the symptoms that arise from the anal cushions. These cushions are three submucosal spaces filled with arteriovenous communications, which lie in the upper half of the anal canal and help to keep it 'airtight' at rest. Haemorrhoids are said to have occurred when the cushions bleed or prolapse, or both. Haemorrhoids have been arbitrarily classified as Fourth degree prolapse on defaecation, unable to replace. The bleeding of haemorrhoids is classically bright red in colour and seen on the toilet paper or in the toilet pan. A rectal neoplasm can produce similar bleeding and steps must be taken to exclude such a lesion. Flexible sigmoidoscopy is the investigation of choice in bright red rectal bleeding. Advice about dietary changes (to include more fibre and fluid) may be sufficient to manage some...

Gastrointestinal System

Fiber in the diet, and lack of exercise, is more common, leading to increased use of laxatives, Periodontal disease, hemorrhoids, and diverticulosis (inflammation of the walls of the colon) may compound the digestive problems of older adults. Contributing to these functional changes are declines in stomach acid and intestinal secretions, an increase in body fat, changes in the liver and gall bladder, loss of teeth, and a 50 decline in taste buds.

Benign anorectal conditions

Colonic, anorectal and peristomal varices arise as a complication of portal hypertension and can cause painless, massive lower GI hemorrhage. Nevertheless, it is the more humble anorectal conditions that present more typically with lower GI bleeding. In a review of nearly 18 000 patients with lower GI bleeding, haemorrhoids, fissure and fistula-in-ano were the cause in 11 of patients. It is, therefore, important to thoroughly examine the anorectum early in the evaluation before proceeding to more invasive and complex diagnostic methods. Digital rectal examination, proctoscopy and sigmoidoscopy should be performed in all patients with rectal bleeding. Discovery of benign anorectal disease does not eliminate the possibility of a more proximal bleeding source, and complete colonic evaluation is recommended.

Electrical Stimulation Of The Spinal Cord And Peripheral Nerves

Additional indications for SCS include pain associated with lumbar arachnoid fibrosis (arachnoiditis) (33) and spinal cord lesions with well-circumscribed segmental pain. Peripheral nerve stimulation is used to treat peripheral nerve injury (34), occipital neuralgia (35), incontinence (36), and pelvic and rectal pain.

Current Promoted Uses

C. aurantium is still used in traditional culinary ways as described previously. It has also been investigated for a number of other medicinal uses in addition to gastrointestinal disturbances. As a dermatological agent, it has been used as an antifungal and exhibits some evidence of fungicidal and fungistatic activity (6). Other uses cited are as a stimulant, a sedative, and for the treatment of anemia, frostbite, general feebleness, retinal hemorrhage, bloody stools, duodenal ulcers, and prolapsed uterus or anus, among other things (7).

Acquired anorectal disorders

Anal fissure is the most common cause of minor rectal bleeding in infants and toddlers, and is associated with constipation and painful defaecation. The tear in the anal mucosa is typically located in the posterior midline. Chronic fissure is sometimes associated with a sentinel skin tag at 12 o'clock position. Treatment consists of stool softener, sitz bath and local anaesthetic gel application. Occasionally a chronic fissure requires topical nitroglycerin therapy or lateral Rectal prolapse usually occurs in the toilet training age group and is often associated with constipation. The prolapse usually involves the mucosa only and responds to conservative treatment. Persistent prolapse may require hypertonic saline injection or Thiersch procedure using a strong nylon suture. The possibility of cystic fibrosis should be considered.


Rectal prolapse is a distressing condition for the patient. Approximately 50-75 of rectal prolapse patients suffer from associated anal incontinence, and the prolapse itself is socially embarrassing. Although the majority of patients are elderly women, prolapse can occur at all ages and is not infrequent in infants under the age of 2 years. Prolapse in infancy is usually precipitated by acute diarrhoeal illness or severe coughing however, the association of rectal prolapse in infancy and cystic fibrosis makes a sweat test mandatory. The cause of rectal prolapse in adulthood is unknown however, rectal prolapse is thought to begin as an internal intussusception. A typical patient will have a lax pelvic floor and a floppy, redundant sigmoid colon. Patients usually present with complaint of a lump that prolapses at defaecation and either reduces spontaneously or has to be manually replaced. Incontinence and evacuatory difficulties are commonly associated. Occasionally, prolapse presents...

Clinical Pearls

Shigella is made up of four serogroups type one is the most virulent and the cause of epidemic dysentery. Classic symptoms include bloody diarrhea, abdominal cramps, fever, and rectal pain. Complications include seizures, renal failure, and hemolytic uremic syndrome. Fatality ranges from 5 to 15 .


Patients with increased acute toxicity during radiotherapy significantly increase the risk of late rectal morbidity94,95. Around 80 of late rectal complications occur within 30 months after the end of the treatment94,96-99. However the interval can be longer, until several years93. Radiation proctitis can include tenesmus, bleeding, low volume diarrhoea, rectal pain. A stricture results in abdominal pain, constipation. The main symptom of ulceration is pain, increasing with defecation. It can leads to abscess or fistulae93,100,101.

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