MDA-7 immunobiot

A549 + Ad-mda7 A 549

MDA-7 immunobiot

Fig. 1. Characterization MDA-7 protein after Ad-mda7 gene transfer. (A) Schematic of MDA-7 protein. The leader sequence is indicated by stippling and mature secreted protein is shown by hatched area. (B) Potential glycosylation sites are indicated. (B) Ad-mda7 transduction of H1299 NSCLC cells results in expression of protein intracellularly and glycosylated protein in supernatant. (C) Ciphergen proteomic analysis of intracellular MDA-7 protein. A549 NSCLC cells were untreated or treated with Ad-mda7 and lysates immunoprecipitated with anti-MDA-7 monoclonal antibody and evaluated using SELDI. Upper panels: SELDI traces of control A549 cells and Ad-mda7 treated cells. Molecular weights are indicated. Lower panels: western blot analyses of control A549 cells and Ad-mda7 treated samples. Note Ig heavy and light chains in control samples. Correlation of Western blot proteins with SELDI traces is indicated by arrows.

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