Discover The Secret Of Immortality

Discover The Secret Of Immotality

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Human Versus Rodent Carcinogenesis

A very significant finding, but seldom discussed, is the unique resistance of human cells to chemical carcinogenesis in culture, as demonstrated in in vitro neoplastic transformation studies. Neoplastic transformation in vitro means the immortalization of a primary cell culture to become established cell lines and to acquire neoplastic phenotypes, including the ability to form a tumor in immuno-deficient mice. In these studies, rodent cells have repeatedly demonstrated their ability to transform spontaneously, even without chemical treatments, and transformation can easily be enhanced by chemicals. In contract, normal diploid human cells have never been observed to transform spontaneously, and chemical transformation has been extremely difficult, even by very potent carcinogens. In the past 40 years, only a few highly experienced laboratories have reported successful chemical transformation of diploid human cells in culture (114-119). In many cases, transformation was only achievable...

Chaperones Aging and Longevity

To the phenotype of aging, as an involvement in the definition of longevity can be assumed from high levels of chaperone expression as a common denominator in conditions or procedures leading to an increase in cellular and species longevity as well as in the process of cellular immortalization. The inherent immortality of the embryonic stem cells implies that replicative senescence as possibly aging are epigenetic phenomena, possibly influenced by the progressive age-related epigenetic changes in promoter methylation that have the potential to permanently silence gene expression (Kroll, 2005).

Lepidopterans And People

Butterflies have appeared in ancient Egyptian and Chinese carvings, on Aztec pottery, and in countless paintings, sculptures, jewelry, textiles, glass, drawings, and poetry. They have been used to symbolize joy, sorrow, eternal life, or the frailty of life. In some parts of the world butterflies and moths are thought to represent the soul. In fact, psyche, the word for butterflies and moths in Greek, means soul.

Death Bereavement and Widowhood

Man contains within himself a most profound contradiction. At the conscious, intellectual level he is absolutely convinced that he must die, this belief being reinforced and sustained by contacts with those around him who share it, as well as by the knowledge of the deaths of others. He can be more certain ofhis death than of his name. His unconscious is immortal, however, denying the reality of his death and not allowing him to imagine himself dead. There is absolutely no way to eradicate the emotional feeling of immortality, so that the individual's emotions deny his death quite as steadfastly as his intellect affirms it. I never thought much about death and an afterlife when I was growing up. Of course, there was some talk about dying, and an occasional funeral, but these events were of more interest in themselves than for what happened to the deceased afterward. Like many other children, I was told that if I was good I would go to heaven, but if I was bad I would go to hell....

Theories Of Biological Aging

As witnessed by the search for the fountain of youth and the time-honored popularity of tales and treatments concerned with the aging process, prolongevity has been a continuing quest since the dawn of human history. Although the commercial and health literature abounds with suggestions for staying healthy, looking good, and living as long as one can, the inevitability of corporeal existence is universally recognized. Acceptance of personal mortality does not mean, however, that the human life span cannot be prolonged. But in order to achieve prolongevity, if not immortality, we first need to know what makes us age.

Saint Augustine and sex the poena reciproca and the role of love

Augustine knew that sex is a prerequisite for reproduction. He also knew that reproduction is necessary because the human is mortal. And he is mortal because Adam and Eve lost their eternal life and were thrown out of paradise because they had insurrected against God's will. This means that the necessity of the sexual act for the persistence of the human species is a direct consequence of the original sin, of a hiatus between the will of man and the will of God. As soon as Adam and Eve had made their own wills independent of the will of God, parts of them became resistant to their own conscious will. Their bodies were touched with a disturbing new sense of the alien, in the form of sexual sensations that escaped their control. Here we have the essence of the problems with sexuality according to the saint it is outside the control of the will. For example, Augustine observed that orgasm was a surge of sensation over which the mind had no final control, either to summon it, or to cancel...


Cancer defines a group of diseases with a strong genetic basis represented by the culmination of multiple genomic alterations. These alterations can either be inherited or can occur in response to exogenous factors such as radiation or endogenous factors such as superoxide radicals. The alterations manifest as point mutations, deletions, insertions, translocation, inversions, and amplifications. Cytogenetic techniques such as karyotyping, CGH and SKY have enhanced our ability to detect these alterations within cancerous cells. This work has helped to direct research to particular regions of chromosomes and to specific genes. Each cell is equipped with mechanisms to repair these genetic mutations. Sometimes, these mechanisms themselves become targets of inactivation, which may accelerate the rate at which mutations accumulate. The progression to cancer is not always linear, as not all genes respond to mutation in the same manner. Many parts of the genome may be damaged without material...

The Aging Human Body

Youth is the most wonderful time of life it's too bad it is wasted on the young. This has probably been the unexpressed sentiment of many older adults who wake up one morning to find grey hair, wrinkles, sagging cheeks, and a double chin in the mirror, hair in the wash basin, and aches, pains, and stiffness in places where they did not even know they had places. The physical changes that accompany aging appear gradually, not without warning, but nevertheless disturbing the eternal summer of young adulthood, when it seems as if one might very well live forever. In our more rational, reflective moments, we realize that we cannot remain perpetually young, but the mind rarely entertains the thought of personal mortality, and denial keeps us going during the endless round of days.

Religious Activities

Americans are also strong in their beliefs in a life after death. Over 90 of all American adults indicate that they believe in God and that they pray (Koenig, Kvale, &Ferrel, 1988). The great majority also say that they believe in heaven and that they have a good chance of going there when they die (Woodward, 1989). Greater percentages of older than younger adults, of whites than blacks, of Southerners and Midwesterners than Easterners and Westerners, and of those who live in nonmetropolitan than metropolitan areas express beliefs in immortality and the hereafter (Bearon & Koenig, 1990 Gallup & Proctor, 1982).

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