Basic Concepts Of Quality Assurance Plans In The Hematology Laboratory

Quality assurance is a comprehensive and systematic process that strives to ensure reliable patient results. This process includes every level of laboratory opera-tion.7 Phlebotomy services, competency testing, error analysis, standard protocols, PPE, quality control, and turnaround time are each a key factor in the quality assurance system (Table 1.2). From the time a sample arrives in the laboratory until the results are reported, a rigorous quality assurance system is the key feature in ensuring quality results. Each part of the quality assurance plan or process should be analyzed, monitored, and reconfigured as necessary to emphasize excellence at every outcome. Although many hospitals and research facilities have "quality" professionals who provide oversight for quality assurance plans for their facilities, an elemental understanding of terms related to the total quality assurance plan is required of all staff technologists and students.

Table 1.2

Short List of Quality

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