Defects of Plasma Clotting Factors, 257

Betty Ciesla

Evaluation of a Bleeding Disorder and

Types of Bleeding, 258 The Classic Hemophilias, 258

The Factor VIII Molecule, 258 Symptoms in the Hemophilia A Patient, 258

Laboratory Diagnosis of Hemophilia

Patients, 260 Treatment for Hemophilia A Patients, 261 Quality of Life Issues for Hemophilia A

Patients, 261 Hemophilia B or Christmas Disease, 262 Congenital Factor Deficiencies With

Bleeding Manifestations, 262 Congenital Factor Deficiencies Where

Bleeding Is Mild or Absent, 262 Factor XIII Deficiency, 263 Bleeding Secondary to a Chronic Disease

Process, 263 The Role of Vitamin K in Hemostasis, 263 Vitamin K Deficiency and Subsequent Treatment, 264

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