Part II • Red Cell Disorders

Hemoglobin Dpunjab/Hemoglobin Gphila

Not often seen, hemoglobin DPunjab is a clinical variant in which both genetic states are asymptomatic. There is a higher incidence of hemoglobin D in Great Britain, and this is thought to reflect the large number of Indian wives brought to England during Great Britain's long occupation of the Punjab region of India and Pakistan. The prevalence of this variant in these regions is 3%.

Although rare, hemoglobin Gphila is seen in American blacks. It is an alpha chain variant that migrates in the same position as hemoglobin S at alkaline elec trophoresis at pH 8.6. There are no hematological abnormalities, but there is a high incidence in Ghana.


Hemoglobin O

An uncommon hemoglobin, hemoglobin OArab is found in 0.4% of American blacks. Most individuals are asymptomatic, but this hemoglobin must be distinguished from hemoglobin C at alkaline electrophoresis, because it migrates to the same location. Citrate electrophoresis at pH 6.4 will isolate this band for positive identification.

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