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Individuals with thalassemia intermedia are not a well-defined subset of thalassemia major patients. As a clinical group, they develop problems later in life than do thalassemia major individuals and they may not need transfusions. They do develop larger spleens, but their transfusion requirements, if present, are less frequent. Bone changes may be present, but they are mild. Individuals with thalassemia intermedia may need to be iron depleted with Desferal therapy, but this is much less frequent than their thalassemia major counterparts.

Beta thalassemia trait is the heterozygous condition, in which only one abnormal beta gene is inherited from the parent. This condition mimics IDA with individuals presenting with microcytic hypochromic indices and moderately low hemoglobin and hemat-ocrit values.20 Hemoglobin A2 will be increased to approximately 5% to 10%. Beta thalassemia minor has






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