Table 5.4 O Foods With High Iron Value

• Garbanzo beans

• Packaged oatmeal

There are many symptoms that mark an individual as being iron deficient. Some of these symptoms are unique to iron deficiency and some are general symptoms of anemia. Clinically, a patient with anemia may present with

• Cold intolerance

Additionally, these patients may experience cardiac problems such as palpitations and angina (see Table 2.7). Symptoms unique to the IDA patient are pica (an abnormal craving for unusual substances such as dirt, ice, or clay), cheilitis (inflammation around the lips), and koilonychias (spooning of the nail beds) (Fig. 5.3). Additionally, evidence suggests that iron deficiency in infants may result in developmental delays and behavioral disturbances.7 In pregnant women, iron deficiency in the first two trimesters may lead to an increase in preterm delivery and an increase in delivering a low-birth-weight child.7 Anemia affects 3.5 million individuals in the United States, with approximately 50% of these cases being IDA.1 Sensitivity to the possibility of iron deficiency backed by good diagnostic data is the best weapon to eliminate IDA in the Western world.

Tests Used to Diagnose Iron Deficiency

From a clinical standpoint, if iron deficiency is suspected, testing for iron deficiency must analyze the patient's red cell status and iron status. In terms of the CBC, all parameters except the white cell and platelet counts will be below the normal reference range (see Table 2.3). In some cases, if a patient is actively bleeding,

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