X axis

Figure 20.23 How flow cytometry data are graphed. LL, cells negative for both x- and /-axes. UR, cells positive for both x- and /-axes. UL, cells positive for /-axis and negative for x-axis. LR, cells positive for x-axis and negative for /-axis. Different CD antibodies are placed on the x- and /-axes.

been taking flu medications for 2 weeks, she felt she was not improving. Her CBC revealed increased white cell count, a moderate anemia, and a normal platelet count. Blood smear revealed 90% lymphocytes, most appearing mature. Flow cytometry was performed on a tube of EDTA blood from the patient. The monoclonal antibodies used were CD5, CD19, CD23, and CD2 (Fig. 20.24).

Flow cytometry results show that the patient has CLL with the majority of the cells showing CD19-positive cells.

Table 20.16 O

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