Review Questions

1. The primary lymphoid organs are the a. liver and spleen.

b. gallbladder and liver.

c. bone marrow and thymus.

d. spleen and tonsils.

2. Which one of these features distinguishes a monocyte from a lymphocyte?

a. Nucleoli b. Abundant gray-blue cytoplasm c. Round, flattened nucleus d. Large blue-black granules

3. In which stage of neutrophilic maturation are specific granules?

a. Myeloblast b. Metamyelocyte c. Myelocyte d. Band

4. Which CD marker is specific for monocytes?

a. CD45

b. CD19

c. CD20

d. CD14

5. Which subpopulation of T cells alters the cell membrane?

a. T cytotoxic b. T helper c. NK cells d. None of the above

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