Review Questions

1. The factor with the longest half-life is: a. VIII.

3. Receptors that are found on the platelets are called:

2. If a patient has a prolonged PT, the patient is most a. glycoproteins. likely deficient in factor: b. vWF.

c. fibrinogen. b. beta-thromboglobulin.

4. Vasoconstriction is caused by several regulatory molecules, which include:

a. fibrinogen and vWF.

c. Thromboxane A2 and serotonin.

d. Collagen and actomyosin.

5. The vitamin K-dependent factors are:

6. The life span of a platelet is:

7. Alpha granules are found in:

a. the peripheral zone.

b. the sol gel zone.

c. organelles.

d. membranes.

8. If a patient has just a prolonged aPTT, the patient may be deficient in the following factors:

9. The factor that is responsible for stabilizing a soluble fibrin monomer into an insoluble clot is:

10. An inhibitor of plasmin activity is:

c. alpha-2-antiplasmin.

d. plasminogen.

11. Protein C and its cofactor protein S proteolytically inactivate factors:

d. VIIIa and XIIa.

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