Review Questions

1. Which of the clotting factors is not a a. cryoprecipitate.

b. fresh frozen plasma.

c. prothrombin complex concentrate.

d. recombinant factor VIII.


a. Factor II

b. Factor VII

c. Factor XIII

d. Factor IX

4. One of the more fatal bleeds in a hemophilia patient involves:

a. intracranial bleeding.

b. mucosal bleeding.

c. joint bleeding.

d. epistaxis.

2. Why is the bleeding time normal in hemophilia A?

a. Because of an increase in factor XIII

b. Because the clotting problem is a factor VIII

problem c. Because vWF is normal d. Because the clotting problem is a factor IX prob

5. Which clotting factor deficiency is associated with poor wound healing?

a. Factor II

b. Factor X

c. Factor XII

3. The purest treatment product for hemophilia A patients is:

d. Factor XIII

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