The Callitrichidae have a wide distribution over tropical and subtropical South and Central America, from the Panamanian isthmus in the north to southeastern Brazil and northern Paraguay in the south. Tamarins occur in western and central Amazonia west of the Rio Madeira (although one subspecies of saddle-back tamarins, Saguinus fuscicollis, has extended its range into a small area east of the Rio Madeira), in the Guyanas and adjacent northern Brazil, and in northwestern Colombia, Panama and southeastern Costa Rica. Lion tamarins have the most restricted distribution of all genera of the family and are endemic to southeastern Brazil. Goeldi's monkey is found in western Amazonia, south of the Rio Japura, but its exact distribution, particularly the eastern limits, is still poorly known; within the distributional range, its occurrence seems to be very patchy. Pygmy marmosets also occur in western Amazonia, south of the rivers Caqueta and Solimoes and west of the Rio Madeira. Amazonian marmosets range in eastern and southern Amazonia, between the Rio Madeira in the west and the rivers Xingu and Tocantins in the east. Eastern Brazilian marmosets are distributed along the Brazilian Atlantic coast and adjacent inland areas.

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