Trade name: Zovirax™ (among many others) Drug class: virostatic

Manufacturer: manufactured by several companies. Generics are generally cheaper than the originally introduced formulation (Zovirax™). Indications: treatment and prophylaxis of HSV and VZV infections.

Dose: for genital HSV infection: 400 mg po 5x/day for 7 days. In severe cases (ulcerating genital herpes) intravenous treatment with 5-10 mg/kg iv tid. For HSV encephalitis or HSV esophagitis 10 mg/kg iv tid.

For dermatomal herpes zoster 800 mg po 5x/day for 7 days. In cases of disseminated or complicated herpes zoster 10 mg/kg iv tid.

Side effects: rare. Headache, nausea and elevation of creatinine may occur. Phlebitis can occur with intravenous dosing.

Comments/Warnings: Initiation of treatment for HSV should be within the first 24 hours after appearance of symptoms if possible, for VZV within the first 4 days. Adequate fluid intake is important.

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