Cardiovascular drugs




Calcium antagonists [1-3,6]

Diltiazem Bosentan


Theoretically: calcium antagonists Î Case report: LPV/r + nifedipine 30 mg BID: nifedipine toxicity: malaise, severe hypotension, oliguria, oedemas, creatinine increase ATV: diltiazem Î 200 % Theoretically: PIs j

Theoretically: antiarrhythmics j TPV/r: potential for severe, life-threatening arrhythmia

Avoid combination or reduce dose of calcium antagonists.

Reduce diltiazem by 50 %. Avoid combination or TDM. Possible alternative: sildenafil (see PDE) [4,5]. Avoid combination or possibly reduce dose of antiarrhythmics and monitor closely.


Calcium antagonists

Bosentan Antiarrhythmics

Theoretically: calcium antagonists

Theoretically: NNRTIs j Theoretically: antiarrhythmics |Î

See above. See above.

Avoid combination or start with low antiarrhythmics dose.


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