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© 2007 by Flying Publisher - Paris, Cagliari, Wuppertal Proofreading: Emma Raderschadt, M.D. Cover: Attilio Baghino, ISBN: 3-924774-59-5 - ISBN-13: 978-3-924774-59-2

Preface 2007

As in previous years, all chapters of the 15 th edition have been thoroughly revised. Again, the book is freely available on the Internet. That is the way, we firmly believe, that medical textbooks should be handled in the 21st century.

HIV Medicine is available in Spanish, German, Russian, and Portuguese (, and translations into further languages are under way. This is clearly a challenge for the future, and the authors of HIV Medicine are ready to take the challenge. As a matter of fact, the 2008 edition is already under way.

The philosophy which governs the publication of HIV Medicine 2006 has been published at

Christian Hoffmann Jürgen K. Rockstroh Bernd Sebastian Kamps

Hamburg, Bonn, Paris - December 2007

Preface 2003

Hardly any field of medicine has ever undergone a similar stormy development to that of the therapy of HIV infection. Little more than 10 years passed, between the discovery of the pathogen and the first effective treatment! However, there is also hardly a field that is subjected to so many fast- and short-lived trends. What today seems to be statute, is tomorrow often already surpassed. Nevertheless, therapeutical freedom must not be confused with freedom of choice. This book presents the medical knowledge that is actual today: from December 2002 to January 2003.

Because HIV medicine changes so fast, HIV Medicine 2003 will be updated every year. Additional chapters about opportunistic infections, malignancies and hepatitis are freely available at our Web site Under certain conditions, the editors and the authors of this book might agree to remove the copyright on HIV Medicine for all languages except English and German. You could therefore translate the content of HIV Medicine 2003 into any language and publish it under your own name -without paying a license fee. For more details, please see

Christian Hoffmann and Bernd Sebastian Kamps Hamburg/Kiel and Paris/Cagliari, January 2003

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