Nutritional quality of processed tomato

Processed tomatoes, and in particular tomato paste, have always been considered 'poor' products with a low added value destined for use as a basic ingredient in more elaborate products (sauces, ketchup), both for domestic and manufacturing purposes. These semi-processed products are seen as commodities dominated by price rather than finished products which can command a premium in the market through their intrinsic qualities.

Today, the consumer faces new socio-economic and therefore food factors which tend to favour service (or convenience) quality. A service which, first of all, meets the requirements of new life systems but which also takes into account the renewed attention to hygienic and dietary aspects of food i.e. its nutritional quality, particularly in the light of the supposed antioxidant activities of some microcom-ponents, particularly lycopene. Tomato products are important foods from a sensory point of view, with good service quality and positive effects towards the prevention of the most important and common diseases of the modern world.

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