Fermented Fish Products

Fermented fish products, with their characteristic flavors, introduce variety to the South-East Asian diet.

(a) Japanese katsuobushi: This is made from fish and used for seasoning. A. glaucus is involved in the fermentation (Graikoski 1973); (b) Cambodian Phaak or Mamchas: This is a fermented paste produced from eviscerated salted fish. Glutinous rice pretreated with yeast is also added to the fish (Padmaja and George 1999); (c) Vietnamese Nuoc-mam: This is a brown liquid produced by fermentation of small marine or fresh water fish that are placed in earthenware vessels buried in the ground for several months. Bacteria and yeasts contribute to proteolysis and flavor. Enzymes from A. oryzae can be used for reduced fermentation time to increase yield of nuoc-mam (Richard 1959).

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