Tuber Cropbased Fermented Food

Tuber crops include cassava, yams, taros, potatoes, and sweet potatoes. With the exception of cassava, tuber crops keep well and hence not many fermented products are prepared.

(a) African Fufu: This is made from cassava roots and eaten with soup, sauce, or stew. Peeled cassava roots are washed, cut up, soaked in water to release HCN into water, disintegrated, and sieved. The filtered starchy particles are allowed to settle and collected, rolled into balls, cooked, and formed into a paste called fufu. S. cerevisiae and various bacteria are involved in the fermentation (Padmaja and George 1999); (b) West African Gari: This is made from cassava roots and eaten as a staple food. Candida sp. and bacteria are involved in fermentation. Roots are fermented, broken up, sun-dried, milled into flour and made into a paste with boiling water before consumption (Padmaja and George 1999). (c) Nigerian Lafun: This is a fine, powdery cassava product. Candida sp. and bacteria are involved in fermentation (Padmaja and George 1999); (d) Indonesian Tape: This is a staple food made from cassava roots. To make Tape, cassava roots are peeled, cut up, boiled to soften, cooled, spread in trays, inoculated, covered with banana leaves, and fermented for a couple of days. The microorganisms involved in fermentation include S. cerevisiae, H. anomala, R. oryzae, Mucor sp., and Endomycopsis fibuliger (Padmaja and George 1999); (e) Hawaiian Poi: This is made from taro corms. It is a semisolid dish served with fish or meat. Lactobacilli and Candida vini and G. candidum are involved in the fermentation process which is carried out for 1 -3 days at room temperature (Padmaja and George 1999).

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