Biocatalysts Entrapped By Prepolymer Methods

As described above, various kinds of prepolymers having different physicochemical properties have been developed for the entrapment of different kinds of bio-catalysts.

A. Enzymes

Examples of enzymes entrapped with prepolymers are listed in Table 3. Some enzymes listed in Table 3 have been employed for development or appraisal of new prepolymer methods. Not many reports are available concerning the applications of enzymes entrapped by prepolymer methods.

Lipases entrapped with hydrophobic photocross-linkable resin prepolymers (ENTP-2000 and ENTP-4000) have been applied to the hydrolysis and ester exchange reaction of triacylglycerides. Production of cacao butter-like fat from olive oil and stearic acid or palmitic acid by enzymatic ester exchange reaction has been successfully achieved with ENTP-entrapped Rhizopus delemar lipase in an organic solvent system (21, 22). Entrapment markedly enhanced the operational stability of the enzyme. In the case of the hydrolysis of olive oil to glycerol and fatty acids, Candida cylindracea lipase entrapped with ENTP showed high activity (23). Entrapment also made it possible to use the enzyme repeatedly or continuously. PU-entrapped Candida cylindracea lipase was used for optical resolution of dl-menthol through enantioselective esterifica-tion in an organic solvent (24).

Enzymes entrapped with photocrosslinkable resin prepolymers were applied to the analyses of various compounds. Tubes entrapping glutamate decarboxyl-

Table 3 Examples of Enzymes Entrapped by Prepolymer Methods


Polymerization method (prepolymer)


Amino acylase

Photocrosslinking (ENT)

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