Progesterone Testosterone Synthesis

In a randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind study, Milewicz et al. examined the effect of V. agnus-castus on prolactin reserve and luteal phase progesterone synthesis in 52 women. The intervention was V. agnus-astus 20 mg daily or placebo, for 3 months. Results from the 37 women (20 = placebo, 17 = agnus-castus) who completed the study showed that compared to preintervention, the V. agnus-castus group had statistically significant increases in luteal phase progesterone synthesis. The study information came from a German publication with an English abstract. Information about inclusion/exclusion criteria, study specifics, study funding, or author disclosures were not available (25).

In the 1996 study by Merz et al. that primarily examined prolactin secretion in male subjects, initial hormone level of testosterone was measured on days 1 and 13 (beginning and near-end of placebo phase), and from blood samples taken during the prolactin secretion profiling. The authors state that V. agnus-castus had no effect on testosterone levels, but no other details were provided (26).

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