The Lost Book Of Remedies Review

The lost book of remedies is a new book in the market creatively written by the best-selling author who has not only written about the lost book of remedies but has also written other books one of them being the lost ways book.  The author of this book goes by the name of Claude Davis.

This book has been tested and proven to be free from fraud making it legit and helpful to the readers. Before writing the book, Claude Davis went to his grandfather way back when he was about 12 years old, and from there he learnt all about natural remedies which his grandfather used for diagnosing and treating various diseases.


One of the reasons to trust Claude Davis is that before writing this book, he had gained a lot of experience way back from his grandfather and during his stay at his grandfathers place he witnessed the how the natural healing remedies worked positively to heal people. Another reason is that Claude Davis is not only encouraging users to purchase his book but he is also ready and willing to give guidance on how to make a raised garden bed just like the one he has with all medicinal plants required, provide lessons on how to plant them and also how to harvest them.

Another critical aspect brought about by the author is the fact that he guarantees his availability at any time for any questions they might have and gives an assurance of total refund in cases where any of his users feel not satisfied with the results.


The lost book of remedies is currently helping many Americans in achieving curative self-sufficiency in times of illnesses and at the same time saving our grandparents culture of natural medicinal remedies. The book has had a big following and many people like it because of the benefits associated with reading it. All the medicinal plants in this book are grouped according to the type and where they are located.

The lost book of remedies contains three essential sections which are clear and makes readers have a better understanding of the products. One of the sections is the names of the plants which are used to treat specific body ailments.

The second section contains a clear picture of the medicinal plants which are easily visible. The last section has the steps used in preparing the remedies. Claude Davis explains parts of the plants used in the preparation of the remedies and other parts which are poisonous, not fit for human use.

Benefits Associated With The Medicinal Plant

The table below shows a sample list of medicinal plants, the type of treatment they offer and health benefits associated with their usage as discussed in the lost book of remedies.





Treats viruses like flu, hepatitis A, B or C

This medicinal plant helps in slowing down the ability of viruses to reproduce and arms the body in fighting the viruses back.


Healing snakes’ bites

The plant is readily available and effectively heals snake bites in a matter of seconds


Break bone fever

This plant reduces fever drastically

Woolly lamb’s Ear

Wound treatment

This plant contains vitamin K that helps in thickening the blood. Hence helping bleeding to stop and heal wounds faster.


Advantages Of The Lost Book Of Remedies

  • Informative

The book is very informative as it describes the plants in depth, where to quickly get them, how to prepare the medicinal remedies and also what each plant helps to treat.

  • Easy to read and understand

The book uses simple English easy to read and understand. The author also identifies plants with by common names for easy identification by the readers.

  • Safe remedies

All the medicinal plant remedies discussed in the book are carefully selected and tested. The test results revealed that the remedies as fit for human consumption and when prepared using the right steps, the desired results will be achieved.


The lost book of remedies is readily available in both hard copy form and soft copy form. For the users who prefer to have tangible materials their issue is sorted out and also those who prefer to use digital platforms to read they can get the book in softcopy form.


The lost book of remedies is written to suit everyone who seeks natural, healthy living, but the book is not preferable for use by children as they can prepare the remedies wrongly and get negative results. The product is also good for the newbies who specialize in this field as it will enable them to save a lot in the sixty-day guarantee plan as they do more researches in the methods provided in this book.

The Lost Book Of Remedies
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