Tribute to Osvaldo Suarez

The memory of Osvaldo Suarez, along with our gratitude, is still alive in the minds of those of us who had the privilege to meet him. We still remember his amazing surgical expertise, based on years of anatomical dissections. On the last day of his visit to Madrid he started a last case shortly before leaving for the airport. As the time of his plane's departure approached we offered to continue the case on our own. He gently declined saying that he could finish the case if he could operate without explaining the surgical details. We accepted his offer to see the scalpel in his hands literally fly over the surgical field in a way we had never seen before. The operation was completed in 20 minutes—20 minutes of the cleanest, most effective surgery that we had ever seen.

He was not only a superb surgeon but also a great person with his colleagues and, especially, with his patients. His idea of function preservation always went hand in hand with a clear demarcation of priorities. His motto, ''A life without voice is much better than a voice without life,'' stresses the importance of defining priorities in the field of laryngeal cancer treatment. We would like this book to be a tribute to his memory, often forgotten in the world of neck dissection.

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