And Principles

3. Describe the phantom limb phenomenon and give a possible explanation for its occurrence.

4. Explain the relationship between smell and taste. How are these senses similar? How do they differ?

5. Explain how the vestibular apparatus provides information about changes in the position of our body in space.

6. Describe the sequence of changes that occur during accommodation. Why is it more of a strain on the eyes to look

1Note: This question is answered in the chapter 10 Study Guide found on the Online Learning Center at

at a small nearby object than at large objects far away?

7. Describe the effects of light on the photoreceptors and explain how these effects influence the bipolar cells.

8. Explain why images that fall on the fovea centralis are seen more clearly than images that fall on the periphery of the retina. Why are the "corners of the eyes" more sensitive to light than the fovea?

9. Explain why rods provide only black-and-white vision. Include a discussion of different types of color blindness in your answer.

10. Explain why green objects can be seen better at night than objects of other colors. What effect does red light in a darkroom have on a dark-adapted eye?

11. Describe the receptive fields of ganglion cells and explain how the

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