Chapter at a Glance

Glycolysis and the Lactic Acid Pathway 104

Glycolysis 104 Lactic Acid Pathway 105 Glycogenesis and Glycogenolysis 107 Cori Cycle 108

Aerobic Respiration 108

Krebs Cycle 109

Electron Transport and Oxidative

Phosphorylation 110 Coupling of Electron Transport to ATP Production 112 Function of Oxygen 112 ATP Balance Sheet 113 Overview 113 Detailed Accounting 113

Metabolism of Lipids and Proteins 114

Lipid Metabolism 114

Breakdown of Fat (Lipolysis) Function of Brown Fat 115 Ketone Bodies 116 Amino Acid Metabolism 116 Transamination 117 Oxidative Deamination 117 Uses of Different Energy Sources

Interactions 120

Summary 121 Review Activities 122 Related Websites 123

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Carbohydrates and Lipids 31

■ Metabolic Pathways 91 Bioenergetics 93

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Clinical Investigation

Brenda is a second-year college student training to make the swim team. In the early stages of her training, she experienced great fatigue following a workout, and she found herself gasping and panting for air more than her teammates did. Her coach suggested that she eat less protein and more carbohydrates than was her habit, and that she train more gradually. She also complained of pain in her arms and shoulders that began with her training. Following a particularly intense workout, she experienced severe pain in her left pectoral region and sought medical aid.

What might be responsible for Brenda's symptoms?

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