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1. You are firing your laser canon from your position on the bridge of your starship. You see the hostile enemy starship explode, but you hear no accompanying sound. Can you explain this? How do receptors for sight and hearing differ?

2. People with conduction deafness often speak quietly. By contrast, people with sensorineural deafness tend to speak louder than normal. Explain these differences.

Opioid drugs reduce the sensation of dull, persistent pain but have little effect on the initial sharp pain of a noxious stimulus (e.g., a pin prick). What do these different effects imply? What conclusion can be drawn from the fact that aspirin (a drug that inhibits the formation of prostaglandins) functions as a pain reliever?

Compare the role of G-proteins in the senses of taste and sight. What is the nature of these fields helps to improve visual acuity.

12. How many genes code for the sense of color vision? How many for taste? How many for smell? What does this information say about the level of integration required by the brain for the perception of these senses?

advantage of having G-proteins mediate the effect of a stimulus on a receptor cell?

5. Discuss the role that inertia plays in the physiology of the vestibular apparatus. Why is there no sensation of movement in an airplane once it has achieved cruising speed?

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  • melanie
    Why is there no sensation of movement in an airplane once it has achieved cruising speed?
    5 years ago

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