Significance to humans

Ascidians have no direct and important significance to humans. Like many other marine organisms, they are a potential source for bioactive chemicals that may be used in pharmacology. Also, several species are consumed as food in some countries, for example, Japan. Some species may cause problems in fish farming operations, growing on the bottoms of ships and negatively affecting operations such as mussel and oyster cultivation.

1. Clavelina dellavallei; 2. Distaplia cylindrica; 3. Didemnum commune; 4. Clavelina lepadiformis; 5. Botryllus schlosseri; 6. Didemnum studeri. (Illustration by Emily Damstra)

1. Culeolus likae; 2. Pelonaia corrugata; 3. Sea pig (Halocynthia pyriformis); 4. Ciona intestinalis; 5. Corella parallelogramma; 6. Hartmeyeria triangularis; 7. Chelyosoma orientale; 8. Octacnemus kottae; 9. Situla pelliculosa. (Illustration by Emily Damstra)

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