Preface vii

Editor ix

Contributors xi

Chapter 1 Intelligent Automation 1

James M. Dixon

Chapter 2 Neurally Inspired Algorithms as Computational Tools 13

Mark Flynn and Garrett T. Kenyon

Chapter 3 Using Pharmacodynamic Biomarkers to Accelerate Early Clinical

Drug Development 41

Ole Vesterqvist

Chapter 4 Opportunities in CNS Drug Discovery and Development 55

Albert Pinhasov, Anil H. Vaidya, Hong Xin, Daniel Horowitz, Daniel Rosenthal, Douglas E. Brenneman, Ewa Malatynska, Sergey E. Ilyin, and Carlos R. Plata-Salaman

Chapter 5 Clinical Success of Antibody Therapeutics in Oncology 65

Bernard J. Scallon, Linda A. Snyder, G. Mark Anderson, Qiming Chen, Li Yan, and Marian T. Nakada

Chapter 6 Relating Target Sequence to Biological Function 91

Greg M. Arndt

Chapter 7 Use of Protein Microarrays for Molecular Network Analysis and Signal-Pathway Profiling 115

Katherine R. Calvo, Lance A. Liotta, and Emanuel F. Petricoin

Chapter 8 Laser-Microdissection-Based Transcriptomics Using Microarrays 131

Fredrik Kamme, Bernd Meurers, Jessica Zhu, Da-Thao Tran, Jingxue Yu, Changlu Liu, Andrew Carmen, and Bingren Hu


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