The biopharmaceutical industry is facing tremendous and fascinating opportunities to improve its overall research and development and business efficiency by integrating various technologies and informational systems and by creating an intelligent interface between different systems and business segments. Currently there is no reference that has (a) looked into all of the different aspects of technology integration and information flow in the biopharmaceutical enterprise and (b) outlined the specifics and commonalities of technologies at different stages of development. An important and challenging aspect of this book is the in-depth analysis of emerging trends and future opportunities in integration and interfacing while maintaining a systematic or programmatic approach. This book comprises well-referenced updated chapters from leaders in the pharmaceutical industry, in academia, and in information technology. Each chapter reviews a particular area.

This book is intended for a heterogeneous audience, essentially anyone who seeks a greater understanding of the concepts and utilization of informatics. At the same time, sufficient detail and updated references are included so that scientists in any discipline, managers, and investors can benefit by better understanding these emerging trends and their applications.

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