Kill Your Stutter Program

Kill Your Stutter Program

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Disordered vs Compensated Rate of Speech in Parkinsons Disease

Disordered rate of speech has been reported in some individuals with PD, and rapid rate or short rushes of speech have been reported in 6 to 13 of individuals with PD. Palilalia or stuttering-like speech disfluencies have been observed in a small percent of individuals with parkinsonism (30,31). The discrepant findings of speech rate in parkinsonian speech (slow vs. rapid) may be related to the presence or absence of compensatory mechanisms. Caliguiri (55) found, using kinematic analyses, that lip movements were normal when individuals with PD spoke at a rate of 3 to 5 syllable sec, but hypokinetic when the rate increased to 5 to 7 syllable sec, which is the typical rate of conversational speech. Similarly, Ackermann et al. (53) described a

The Behaviour of a Liar

Researchers have examined a variety of different non-verbal behaviours, including gaze aversion (looking away from the conversation partner), smiling, illustrators (hand and arm movements that accompany speech and illustrate it), self-manipulations (touching or scratching body or face, playing with own hair, playing with objects), subtle movements of hands and fingers, speech rate, pauses in speech, speech latency (period between question being asked and answer being given), speech fillers (um's and er's), stutters (repetitions of words, correcting sentences, and so on), and pitch of voice. Vrij (2000) reviewed more than 40 studies concerning such behavioural indicators of deception. The review revealed that deception is not related to a unique pattern of specific behaviours. In other words, there is nothing like Pinocchio's nose. Some behaviours, however, are more likely to occur during deception than others. Liars tend to speak with a higher-pitched voice, speak slower, pause longer...

Pronunciation Guide for Scientific Names

Amphionidacea am-fee-oh-nih-DAY-see-ay Amphionides reynaudii am-fee-OH-nih-deez ray-NOH-dee-eye Amphipoda am-fee-POH-day Anaspidacea an-ah-spih-DAY-see-ay Anaspides tasmaniae an-ah-SPIH-dayz taz-MAY-nee-ee Antalis entalis an-TAL-is en-TAL-is Antrobathynella stammeri an-troh-bath-EE-nel-lay STAMmer-eye

Mental Disorders

The fact that more women than men are treated in mental health clinics and psychiatric hospitals would lead one to believe that the rate of mental illness is higher among women than among men. This appears to be the case with respect to some, but certainly not all, mental disorders. Women tend to be more vulnerable to anxiety disorders, depression, and eating disorders, and they probably have a higher rate of attempted suicide than men. On the other hand, boys are more likely than girls to stutter, to be hyperactive, and to develop other conduct or behavioral disorders (Myers, 1995). As adults, they are more likely to become alcoholics and or substance abusers and to develop antisocial personalities (Unger, 1979). Men also commit more crimes than women, and crimes of violence in particular (U.S. Department of Justice, 1996). Finally, substantially more men than women, and especially older white men, succeed in committing suicide (Singh et al., 1996).

Disorders of Speech

The parkinsonian patient with low-amplitude, monotone, arrhythmic speech or the patient with cerebellar disease and staccato speech are not aphasic they are dysarthric. The patient with bilateral vocal cord paresis is aphonic. Stammering or stuttering is not aphasia. Some psychotic or demented patients repeat whatever is said to them. This is echolalia, and in these patients it is not part of aphasia.

Prevent Stuttering

Prevent Stuttering

Are You Suffering From Social Withdrawal? Do People Shun Or Ostracize You Because You Have A Hard Time Getting Some Of Your Words Out? Or Does Your Child Get Teased At School Because They Stutter And Cant Speak Like Everyone Else? If you have answered yes to any of the above, then you are in the tiny percentage of people that stutter.

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