RNH20 rnho

Rabbit liver microsomes oxidize a range of carcinogenic amines including 2-aminofluorene, 2-aminonaphthalene, 2-aminoanthracene, 4-aminostilbene, 4-aminoazobenzene and benzidine as well as aniline, N-methylaniline and phenacetin to the corresponding nitroxide radicals. The reaction requires the participation of NADPH [B184].

2.5 Oxidation of heterocyclic amines

Hydroxyindole oxidase

An enzyme in Mytilus edulis oxidizes indoles such as serotonin, 5-hydroxytryptophan, psilocin and 5-hydroxyindole, presumably to pigments. Mono- and diphenols, such as adrenaline, l-dopa, tyrosine and p -coumarate are also substrates. The enzyme contains Cu and haem in a 1:1 ratio, and appears to require peroxide, but not a pyridine nucleotide. It is inhibited by copper-chelators [B314].

2.6 Reduction of nitro groups and analogues

Reduction of nitro compounds to anilines

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