Prevention of Hemophilus influenzae Type b Hib Meningitis

There are at least four reasons for preventing meningitis and other systemic infections caused by Hib (1) in the USA, Canada, Sweden, etc., Hib meningitis was common; about one in 280 newborns were affected by the age of 5 years[7]. In some populations, such as Alaskan Eskimo and Australian aboriginal children, the attack rate of Hib meningitis ranged from 1/30 to 1/50 of newborns [8-10]. Patients with defective splenic function, hypogammaglobulinemia and children who live under crowded conditions and poverty are also highly susceptible; (2) mortality is 5-10% and about 30% of "cured" patients had central nervous system (CNS) deficits ranging from deafness, seizures to mental retardation [11]; (3) about 30% of isolates were ampicillin-resistant and resistance to other antibiotics

Margaret Pittmen

Margaret Pittmen is increasing; (4) Hib meningitis is about ten times more contagious in children than meningococcal meningitis [12, 13]. Infants and young children in day-care centers and nurseries were particularly vulnerable [14]. Epiglottitis, the second most common systemic Hib infection, caused even higher mortality and morbidity than meningitis [15].

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