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The All Natural Varicose and Spider Vein Solution

Varicose veins are affections of veins that mainly torment women, but also affect men. In addition to generating aesthetic problems they cause some unpleasant symptoms. Care and prevention are essential to prevent the onset of varicose veins. Women who go through varicose veins know how uncomfortable the legs look and not only that, there are also symptoms like pain, swelling, burning and a feeling of weight together. Watch for signs of illness in your body and learn to take care of it. In this guide, you will know all about varicose veins, prevention ways, the myths that involve the disease and how to keep your legs beautiful and healthy. Varicose veins are veins that dilate becoming tortuous, elongated, a bluish color and bounced on the skin. They leave the blood accumulated, generating a feeling of weight, pain and discomfort. Varicose veins occur more in the lower limbs because the legs and feet stay in the same position for long periods, thus increasing the pressure in the lower body by the force of gravity. If you want more prevention and health care tips for women, get the practical online guide now. Read more here...

The All Natural Varicose and Spider Vein Solution Summary

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Clinical features

Patients with varicose veins complain of a rather nebulous set of symptoms namely leg aches, swelling, restlessness and pain or itching over specific veins. These are difficult to quantify and correlate poorly with the visible extent and size of the varicosities, which causes a problem for health care providers who are increasingly encouraged to only intervene surgically for symptoms rather than for pure cosmesis. From the epidemiological data outlined above, it would appear that female caucasian legs are more susceptible to the skin changes brought on by venous hypertension it would be reasonable to assume that they are also likely to genuinely suffer more symptoms from their varicose veins.

Other groin swellings

Vascular disease (a) Arterial - aneurysms of the iliac and femoral vessels these may be complicated by distal embolization or vascular insufficiency which will make the diagnosis easy. Femoral aneurysm as a complication of cardiac catheterization or transluminal angioplasty is a recent arrival in the diagnostic arena. (b) Venous - a saphenovarix could be confused with a femoral hernia. Its anatomical site is the same, but its characteristic blue colour, soft feel, fluid thrill, disappearance when the patient is laid flat and the giveaway associated varicose veins should prevent misdiagnosis. (c) Inguinal venous dilatation secondary to portosystemtic shunting can result in a painful inguinal bulge that can even become incarcerated. Preoperative Doppler ultrasound in cirrhotic patients with suspected inguinal hernias is advised.

Arterial grafts

The long saphenous vein is usually used, providing its diameter on duplex scanning is 3.5 mm or above (Fig. 15.10). Arm veins are less robust and tend to dilate with time but are a good option if no leg veins are available. They should be marked pre-operatively, under duplex control if necessary. The vein may be prepared by removing and reversing it before reinsertion. It may also be used in the 'in situ' mode, whereby it is not removed but simply anastomosed at both ends after destroying the valves with a valvulotome. All the side branches have to be ligated.


Varicose veins are extremely prevalent 10-25 of the adult population in the Western world. It was thought that the incidence of varicose veins was lower in males and outside the western world, but this has recently been disputed. However it appears that even if the prevalence of varicose veins, and perhaps venous insufficiency, is similar in developing countries, the number of symptoms and complications they cause is almost certainly lower. Classical teaching is that the incidence of varicose veins is higher in occupations involving prolonged periods of standing or sitting and in pregnancy. While this has been supported by some but by no means all studies, it is likely that their symptoms are worse.


Ligating branches of the long saphenous vein. (a) Only the common stem of the superficial iliac vein (sciv) and the anterolateral vein (alv) are ligated resulting in continued reflux down the thig and 'recurrent' varicose veins. (b) Correct procedure where all three veins are ligated. Figure 15.19. Ligating branches of the long saphenous vein. (a) Only the common stem of the superficial iliac vein (sciv) and the anterolateral vein (alv) are ligated resulting in continued reflux down the thig and 'recurrent' varicose veins. (b) Correct procedure where all three veins are ligated. Hand-held Doppler assessment with the patient standing can diagnose reflux in the popliteal fossa or at the sapheno-femoral junction. Flow is augmented by manually squeezing the calf. Reflux is present if reverse flow of more than 1s is detected on releasing the calf. Popliteal fossa reflux may be in the deep veins or the sapheno-popliteal junction and requires confirmation with venous duplex...

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